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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is my membershid ID
    Your membership ID is a 6-digit alpha-numeric code containing your current CBN ID or Your Pension ID prefixed with a letter A for CBN active staff and letter P for pensioners. The membership ID is in the form Annnnn or Pnnnnn where nnnnn is your CBN ID. For instance if you CBN ID = 1234 then your membership ID will be A01234. By the same token, if your Pension ID is 1234 then your membership ID will be P01234.
  • How do I obtain my login details.
    To obtain your login details, first of all, you must know your membership ID. Read the post on Membership ID to obtain you membership ID. Having determined what your membership ID is, click on the LOGIN, link on our home page, this will bring up the login page. On the login page, click on the Request my PIN link, you will be presented a page requesting you to enter you membership ID, enter you member ID and click on the Submit button, your PIN or password will be automatically sent to you email box. Please confirm the the email shown on the screen is yours otherwise, send a mail to stating the details.
  • The password or PIN sent to me is not working.
    More often than not, if you attempt to type the password generated by the system into the login page, you may get the Password incorrect message. The solution to this is to copy the password sent to you from the email, and paste it into the password box on the login page. If this does not solve the problem, send an email to
  • How do I change my PIN.
    To change you PIN or password, login to the site with you current password or PIN, at the top of the screen you will find the Change password link, click on it, enter your new password and you will notified by email that your password hass been changed.
  • What if I want my password changed.
    On the login page, click on the Request PIN link, enter you member ID on the ensuing page and click on the reset button, your password will be reset and you will get an email to that effect.